Hear what our clients have to say

We have a hard time talking about ourselves. So we'll let our work speak for itself.




"My name is Michael Bruno and I have raced cars all my life. I have won many custom car shows and I have dealt with some of the best painters in the United States. To me everything is about the attention to detail. I have raced with RJ Race Car of which Rick Jones is the owner and he suggested Steve to me. Boy, I was sure skeptical of this; a new painter and a quick one. No way I kept thinking. Well the time had come for my GTO to get painted and I thought of every excuse to go someplace else. But, let me tell you, I could not have been so wrong about this paint place called SD Enterprises. From the minute I talked to Steve, he made me feel like a friend. He did the most beautiful job I have ever seen. Also, I won best appearing for the first time at an IHRA National Event. Steve and his crew at the shop give you every penny of what you need when wanting your car painted. Steve super-ceded what I feel in a painter and in a very timely fashion."

- Michael Bruno

"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Steve Dekkenga for over fifteen years. Steve not only offers outstanding quality and attention to detail, but also treats each customer with uncompromising service. If I had a race car I wouldn't think twice about sending it to SD Enterprises for paint and lettering."

- Greg Ozubko (GOS Studios)

"Steve Dekkenga and his team at SD Enterprises have been painting race car's for me for several years. Not too many people have the eye for color like Steve! The quality and service at SD Enterprise is second to none."

- Ed "Ace" McCulloch

"Steve and the entire crew at SD Enterprises has done all of our custom painting for many years now. There is no other company that does excellent quality, and delivers the job on time, and has the passion to do creative work at the same time. They make it very easy to do business with them. It has really been a pleasure to work with Steve and his guys. They will always do our custom paint work!"

- Rick Jones (RJ Race Cars)

"Dear Steve, I enjoyed talking with you the other day on the phone. It is rare to find someone with your talent that runs a professional business like yours. This letter is to thank you for the outstanding work you've done that has helped me win the trophies/awards I have with our 63 vette. It still surprises me that a 6 second drag car can go home with an Award of Excellence at Super Chevy. I feel confident that the 68 camero will arrive here not only as a competitive race car but a show car as well. I am impatient with anticipation. I look forward to seeing your work soon."

- John DeCerbo

"After hitting the wall in OrlandoI thought my car would never look the same. After SD Enterprises got done repairing my car it looked better than before. SD Enterprises is one the finest paint shops in the country."

- Pete Demos (Pres. Chicago Wise Guys Racing)

"Unstoppable commitment to uncompromising excellence." These are the only words that even begin to describe the experience that I encountered with Steve and his crew at S&D. Both of my RJ Top Sportsman cars were painted at S&D, and this will be the resting place for all my future business. You will not find a better person to deal with other than Steve Dekenga and there is no better paintwork available than with these folks. These guys really do it right!"

- Drew Baird

10 years ago we were in desperate need of a reliable high quality painter for our cars. I asked my good friend Greg Ozubko if he knew of anyone that he would recommend. Greg told me he had some experience with a painter out of western Michigan that was really doing some awesome paint and graphics. I got the information and immediately called Steve to check him out. After a few conversations I felt comfortable enough to send one of our cars up to him and what we received back was unbelievable. Anyone that knows me at all knows that I am overly critical about our quality and Steve and the crew at SD Enterprises delivered beyond my expectations. We now have customers that demand only SD paint on their cars because they too have experienced the quality and dedication that goes into every job that comes from SD Enterprises. In a day when quality and professionalism are hard to come by SD Enterprises is the only choice for us.

- Tim McAmis